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ATMASFERA | Mantra Diving Concert

‘Our songs are made of goodness and love, filled with the transcendental sound of mantras’

ATMASFERA share exceptionally heart-warming and profound music. Their original style hybridize ethnic elements from the rich cultures of Ukraine and India within a modern indie music frame. Subtleness and introspection is beautifully merged with strength and vitality. At the core of their musical expression is the ancient and powerful mantra sounds.

Atmasfera promote socially responsible music for wellness, higher consciousness, and peace. In 2018, they won the prestigious American Round Glass Music Awards for ‘Enlightened Musician of the Year’. The members of Atmasfera live and share the bhakti yoga lifestyle, based on ancient spiritual practices. Leading the band, the extraordinary twin sisters Yamuna and Kalindi inspire through vocals and tunes from flute, keyboard, harmonium, and more. They are accompanied by Timur (drums, darbuka), Janardana (vocals, bass guitar), Dennis (acoustic guitar, dombra), and Sergiy (electric guitar).

Atmasfera travel all around Europe to spread harmony through their music. Welcome to a interactive concert experience out of the ordinary!


  • Konzert
  •  20:15 – 22:00
  •  Sahara Yoga Zelt