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Adrian und Mirjam von SacredSpace

„We create a sacred space that allows you to dive into the realms of voice, music and movement to experience your inner reality. In this space you are able to see your potential and follow your guidance.“

Soulful Chant mit Mirjam

We come together to create a sacred energy that leaves us elevated and soft, vibrating and grateful. I will lead you through a journey of devotional singing, connecting your breath and mind with the healing soul of music. The presence of being with one another, holds a special vibration. We can reconnect to our essence, hear our voice within and find a piece of calm in this loud world. So we close our eyes and surrender to the songs flowing through us.

Ecstatic Dance mit Adrian

Pure and untied! In this session you will simply dance without any previous training or knowledge. The idea is to follow different types of music with pure movement and your inner resonance. Turn your focus inwards and dance barefoot with people alike. Let your heart jump, clear your mind and awaken your spirit by free movement and a set of wonderful music.






  • Soulfoul Chant mit Mirjam
  •  19:30 – 20:45
  •  Nomaden Zelt


  • Ecstatic Dance mit Adrian
  •  17:15 – 18:30
  •  Casablanca Zelt